Winter Nature Retreat

A 3 day retreat promoting a rested mind and and activated body. Take to nature to find both physical challenge and mindfulness in its ever changing beauty. The Winter Retreat includes cross country skiing, ice skating, ice fishing or snow shoeing, seasonal Nordin cousine, a 50 minute signature massage and fully catered stay in our large country houses.

Day 1

Arrive in the afternoon to drinks around a roaring hot fire looking out over the frost covered fields and forest. We eat early to allow you some time alone to land in nature – read a book, enjoy the fire and your large bed. Allow yourself to just BE. The silence and darkness invites you to a restful nights sleep in the total comfort of our large double bedrooms.

Day 2

We wake with the first light to cold brewed coffee and breakfast served at your suite. Now dress up warm and embrace nature. We hike, ride, ski, skate and fish – the weather decides where to take us. We enjoy the best of Nordic produce cooked for us over the open fire. We experience sun downers and Swedish game watching in the afternoon and return home to the wood burning hot tub.

Day 3

Opt to sleep in or wake to yoga and mindfulness by candlelight as the sun comes up. Breakfast is served, homemade, organic granola with foraged berries and eggs from the neighbouring farm. Then out into the woods again, we can really notice the benefits from spending time in the great outdoors. After lunch the Hot Tub is lit and our masseus will help you bring about full relaxation. Another mindfulness session followed by a plant based meal will energise your body and calm your mind.

Day 4

Start slowly with breakfast in bed marvelling at the sounds of the animals that surround us. Throw on your outdoor gear, some snow shoes and wander across the field to the forest. Walk in silence for the best chance to spot elk, deer and wild boar. Breath, enjoy the silence and the smells of the woods. Return back for a hot shower and leave Smens rested, balanced and entirely wowed by the beauty and vastness of Swedish nature in Winter.